EPISODE 9 SHOW NOTES When you’ve been with a narcissist for so long, you deal with something called the narc brain, and it affects your habits and thought patterns. The narcissist thought trap then occurs, and it comes up all of the time in the work I do with my clients. It’s really one of […]

EPISODE 8 SHOW NOTES When you have a narcissist in your life, the reality is it just sucks-I’m not going to mince words here. Whether you’re dealing with family members who make terrible choices, spouses who end up abusing you instead of loving you, or friends who don’t support you and end up betraying you, […]

EPISODE 7 SHOW NOTES Deep self-connection: this is something you HAVE to have in order to heal, and create your beautiful, post-narc life with everything you want. Connection is absolutely an emotional need, and if you’re not working to build a deep self-connection, things are going to feel more challenging, stressful, and painful in a […]

Also listen on Apple Music or Spotify Welcome to episode two of the Post-Narc Life podcast.  In this episode, you’ll learn a little more about me and my back story, how I’ve emerged from narcissistic abuse, and how that has enabled me to become a life coach to help others break cycles and extricate themselves […]

Also listen on Apple Music or Spotify Only 1% of the population has a true, 100% Narcissistic Personality Disorder diagnosis, but there are millions of others that fall somewhere along the ‘narcissist spectrum.’ These people are ‘emotional children’ who use harmful tools on others. In this episode of Post-Narc Life, we will be looking at […]

Also listen on Apple Music or Spotify Welcome to POST-NARC LIFE. You survived a narcissist. This means your brain changed. The survival habits that got you through the abuse aren’t going to get you to success. We will undo those habits and replace them with ones that propel you towards the life you actually want. […]