Ready to change your life?

I work with women who are making big moves in the world
who happen to be dealing with narcissists.

That means YOU, my gorgeous friend.

My clients have a major goal they are working on creating:

  • building a business to $100k, to $1M and beyond
  • finding a new healthy partner, 
  • reframing their divorce experience, 
  • co-parenting successfully and peacefully
  • losing weight, 
  • healing their relationship with Mom
  • breaking the cycle for future generations, and more. 

The narcissist in your life is only a mirror to the inner work that must be done on your way to becoming your best self.

This work is about unleashing the authentic inner genius that was buried under narcissist abuse for many years. 

We are 100% focused on YOU.
Coaching with me looks like

  • Weekly one-hour 1:1 calls

  • Voxer messaging support between calls

The commitment is one year. 

The investment is $35,000 USD paid in full only.

Once you fill out the application I will contact you to set up your free, one-hour consultation with me.

Our consultation is where you will share all about your ambitious goals, when we will decide when to start, and answer any questions you have.

Fill out the boxes below and I will be in touch!

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