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Join me and lots of others just like you navigating life while healing from narcissist relationships.

Upcoming classes

December 2022: Co-Parenting Like a Boss (Replay)
January 2023: Deciding and Leaving the Narcissist (Replay)
February 2023: Post-Narc Dating (Register)
March 2023: Your Relationship with Money
April 2023: Moving to your Dream Location
May 2023: Safely Love and Feel Connected to Your Mom
June 2023: Boundaries-The Art of Saying NO
July 2023: Post-Narc Career and Entrepreneurship
August 2023: Weight Loss for the Narcissist-affected
September 2023: TBA

February 2023 Class

This month is all about the decision and the follow through of leaving your narcissist relationship. 

This could be going no contact with your Mom or leaving your narcissist spouse. This decision can sometimes be agonizing. In this class we will make it simple, and we'll do some coaching to help you implement.

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Register Here

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