Getting Out of Pain

Nov 1, 2022


When you’re in a narcissistic relationship or you’ve been raised by a narcissist, you’ve dealt with a lot of toxicity, and as a result, you’re in a lot of pain. The emotional pain is very intense, and it can be difficult to get out of; I’ve experienced this myself, and I also see my clients go through this all of the time too.

This topic is one that is very near and dear to my heart, so I want to dive deeper into it today. You’re not alone, and I promise-there is a way out.

In today’s episode, I’m talking more about:

  • What the pain really is and the variety of negative emotions you may be experiencing (guilt, shame, emptiness, loneliness, fear, anxiety, despair, grief, confusion)
  • The ways in which you end up hurting yourself
  • The reasons why you’re in pain
  • How to actually get out of the emotional pain (ways you can do so)

Your emotions don’t always have to be a problem; they are simply emotions, and when you have the right tools in place and the ability to deal with them, you WILL be alright. 

I want you to understand that getting out pain and healing the pain you’re in is a long game. You will get some relief, but it will take time, and you shouldn’t be afraid to commit to that. Take the time to process your emotions, be with yourself, love yourself, and know that you can do this.

If you know you need more support in this area, I’m here for you. I want to help you get out of this pattern and finally start to feel better, because you deserve to live your best life!

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