How to Create a Post-Narc Life

Jul 25, 2022

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Welcome to POST-NARC LIFE. You survived a narcissist. This means your brain changed. The survival habits that got you through the abuse aren’t going to get you to success. We will undo those habits and replace them with ones that propel you towards the life you actually want.

You’re listening to the inaugural episode of the Post-Narc Life podcast.  I’m your host, Laura Bytheway. I’ve been there, I get it. I help you make powerful new decisions, design the vision of the life you want, and then we go after it, removing all the narcissist conditioning out of the way. My clients are men or women who have narcissist parents, in-laws, spouses, or exes, as well as those dealing with estranged adult children or addicts, and those who have been abused by narcissists in a religious or professional context. If you’ve survived a narcissist and you still haven’t reached your goals, coaching may be the missing piece.    

Discussion Points:

  • Congratulations and welcome! You’re here, and you’ve survived life with a narcissist.
  • Building a new you– your brain is probably still in survival mode
  • Coaching vs. Therapy– you may need one or both, but they are very different
  • The reality of toxic positivity
  • What can a post-narc life look like?  Whatever you dream it can be!
  • Many clients have lived decades of narc abuse
  • The 3-Step Process:
    • Decide to leave your old life behind, give yourself permission
    • Create the next version of yourself – visualize it
    • Do the work – tools, mindset, boundaries, dealing with drama – rinse and repeat until your results are achieved
  • Join me for a live group coaching event on FB August 2-4, 2022!


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