From Meaningless to Gangbusters Part 2: Happily Ever After with Bryan Brooks

Sep 27, 2022


I’m really excited to bring on a wonderful person and one of my former clients, Bryan Brooks, for today’s episode. Bryan was a guest on my previous podcast, the ‘Get Yourself Back Podcast’, and at that time we were about halfway through working together. He’s back today to share the results he was able to achieve during our work together, and he’s actually achieved more than he ever thought possible.

Bryan Brooks is an IT expert who owns his own business, and he’s been in the IT industry since 1997. He spent several years married to a narcissist, and after going through a divorce, everything in his life suffered, and he was in a pretty dark place.

He’s in a very different place now; his business is thriving, he’s the father to a brilliant 11 year old, and he even found the love of his life, and has built a healthy relationship with her. When he needs a break you’ll find him reading a book, playing guitar, or traveling to relaxing places.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about:

-Bryan’s life with his previous narcissistic relationship, and what his life looked like before coaching

-How Bryan and I initially connected at a local networking meeting

-My encouragement (and challenge) for Bryan to start putting himself out there and dating as much as possible

-The tools Bryan learned and used from coaching to meet with and eventually form a romantic relationship with his now girlfriend (who he didn’t have to go far to meet)

-Bryan’s advice for coming out of a narcissistic relationship, and then being able to find a healthy and loving relationship

Finding your happily ever after, post-narc relationship.

One of Bryan’s best pieces of advice when it comes to looking for your significant other after being in a narcissistic relationship is to look outside traditional avenues. You really can find your person anywhere, so don’t limit yourself! Unfortunately, narcissists tend to make us want to limit ourselves, and it’s really just holding us back.

Once you’re out of that cycle, it may take awhile, but remember what your goals are, and what you’re trying to achieve. Just keep going, because the journey is very worth it, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Bryan and I talked about some incredible things on this episode, and I couldn’t be more proud of the work he has done in his life since we first met. He really committed to coaching; he went to difficult places in order to change his thoughts and his mind, and he’s now reaping the rewards in his life.

Magical things can happen when you work to shift the filter from ‘narc filter’ to ‘healthy person filter’. I want you to know what is TRULY possible when you show up and commit to doing the work, because it’s pretty amazing!

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