The Mindset of a Post-Narc Life

Jul 26, 2022

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Welcome to episode two of the Post-Narc Life podcast.  In this episode, you’ll learn a little more about me and my back story, how I’ve emerged from narcissistic abuse, and how that has enabled me to become a life coach to help others break cycles and extricate themselves from decades, even centuries, of narcissist abuse. Today I’ll give you some mindset tools you can use to help you on your way to building your post-narc life and becoming your true self again.

The Post-Narc Life podcast is hosted by Laura Bytheway, a life coach specializing in surviving and eventually thriving after narcissist abuse. In the podcast, and through Laura’s coaching, you will give yourself permission to get rid of the old you that was merely surviving, you’ll decide what you want your new life to look like, and then you’ll dig in to actually doing the work and use the tools you’ll need to build and sustain your new life.

Laura’s clients are men or women who have narcissist parents, in-laws, spouses, or exes, as well as those dealing with estranged adult children or addicts, and those who have been abused by narcissists in a religious or professional context. If you’ve survived a narcissist and you still haven’t reached your goals, coaching may be the missing piece. Find out how coaching can help by requesting a free consultation in the links below.

Discussion Points:

  • Some of my history with narcissistic abuse
  • My life coaching and how I discovered my purpose and passion
  • Think back to where you first noticed patterns and cycles of narc abuse
  • It’s not an obligation, but what if you can help others break the cycle of abuse, its an opportunity
  • The 3 Mindset Tools:
    • Your story of abuse does not define you- it reveals your strength – use it as a tool
    • Everything that happens TO you, is FOR you – use it as fuel
    • You are a pioneer, chopping a new path through a jungle – you may experience pushback from family that is still living with abuse, this is not a problem.
  • Have gratitude for your story, and use it to find your true self again
  • Join me for a live group coaching event on FB August 2-4, 2022! Reserve your spot, sign up below!


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